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Ecuador Chocolate Couverture

Origin: Ecuador

Chocolate Types: Dark and Dark Milk

Retail Price From: $65.26 USD




Ice Cream




Cocoa Supply Ecuador Single-Origin Made Direct Trade Dark Milk Chocolate Couverture drops in a white bowl on a white background.
Ecuador Chocolate Couverture Sale price$65.26

About Cocoa Supply

Meet Leila

Leila's family's cacao story started 4 generations ago in the 1800's with a Dr. Huerta following Mr. J to the remote and virgin land that is nowadays known as Catarama, Ecuador.

Leila is CEO and Founder of Cocoa Supply, a family-owned and operated business manufacturing, importing, and distributing quality cacao powder, cacao butter, cacao nibs, cacao fruit pulp, chocolate, couvertures, and much more!

Now located in Duran, Ecuador, their plant works directly with small farms and coops, ensuring products are fairly sourced to promote sustainability and inclusive businesses with farmers and their communities.

Why We Love Them

Direct Trade

Their plant in Duran, Ecuador works directly with small farms and coops, ensuring our products are fairly traded and promote sustainability and inclusive businesses with our farmers and their communities.

Unique Partner for Businesses

If you're a maker or manufacturer aspiring to trade directly, Cocoa Supply can help you source cacao beans or custom processed ingredients ethically and directly from the farm level. Learn more.

Cacao Fruit

If you've never tasted cacao fruit, you're in for a treat! Cocoa Supply makes both a puree and freeze dried powder from this sweet and tangy tropical fruit. Read more about cacao fruit here.

Useful Details

Company Ownership

  • Woman-Owned
  • Owner Operated

Steps Between Farm and You

Cocoa Supply pays above fair trade prices directly to farmers or farmer cooperatives. Products are created in one of two factories: Duran (Allergy-friendly) or Quito (Milk, Soy). They ship from their own warehouse in New York.

Ships from USA

Products ship within 1-2 business days, Monday - Friday from New York.

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