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Shops We Love

These next-wave businesses offer a delicious selection of origin-made cacao and chocolate products so you can shop multiple makers at once.

Have someone to add to the list? Please let us know.


Bar & Cocoa* - Fine chocolate that's both luxurious and ethical.
Yahara Chocolate & Tea* - Curating the best chocolate and tea from all over the world.
The Chocolate Dispensary* - Your daily dose of delicious, ethical, and sustainable craft chocolate. 
Caputo's - Expansive collection of craft chocolate from around the globe.
ChefShop - East simply. Live well.
The Chocolate House DC - Over 400 chocolate bars and confections from artisan makers.
Chocosphere - Fine Chocolates from around the world since 1998.
Cocoa Store
- Prestigious chocolate brands from around the world.
DeLaurenti Food & Wine - In Pike's Place Market, Seattle since 1946.
Hello Chocolate - where the world's best craft chocolate lives.
The Meadow - 400+ artisan chocolate bars.
Perfect Truffle - Handcrafted artisan chocolates.
Seek Chocolate Shop - Pursue ethical chocolate.
Soul and Story - Doing better than good. Featuring women BIPOC makers.

 *Ability to easily filter by origin-made.


Tastings & Classes

Each of the companies below offers both in person and virtual tastings. Many offer events for the public and all offer private tastings for special occasions, groups, and corporate events.  

37 Chocolates (Chester County, PA) - Chocolate tastings and musings by Chocolate Sommelier Estelle Tracy.
Chocolate Monkey (Charlotte, NC) - Guided chocolate tasting experiences and pairings by Dr. Jessica Henderson.
Chocolate Noise (New Yok, NY and San Francisco, CA) - Explore the flavors and terroir of craft chocolate.
Chocolate Uplift (Chicago, IL) - Enjoy Valerie Beck's 5S's of chocolate: slavery-free, synthetic additive-free, sustainable, small-batch, and scrumptious!
Chocomotions (New York, NY) - Chocolate Tastings by Chocolate Sommelier Genevieve Leloup.
Gourmet Boutique (Boston, MA) - Private virtual and in person events by Anya Zelfond.
Peace on Fifth (Dayton, OH) - Imaginative and monster pairing classes by London Coe. 


Shop Locally in the US

Listed Alphabetically by state. 

Oakland, CA - The Xocolate Bar*
San Francisco, CA - Chocolate Covered
Washington, DC - The Chocolate House DC 
Watertown, MA - Fastachi
Frederick, MD - Perfect Truffle
New York, NY - Cocoa Store
Dayton, OH - Peace on Fifth
Portland, OR - The Meadow
Salt Lake City, UT - Caputo's
Seattle, WA - ChefShop
Seattle, WA - DeLaurenti Food & Wine
Stoughton, WI - Yahara Chocolate & Tea


Gift Boxes

BIPOC Box - Be the changemaker this world needs. 


Craft Chocolate Festivals in the US

Exhibitors vary from year to year, but these festivals are known to host an increasing number of origin makers each year. It's a delight to meet them in person, hear their stories and taste their products. Listed alphabetically by state.

San Francisco, CA - Craft Chocolate Experience - April 
Washington, DC - DC Chocolate Festival - April
Albuquerque, NM - Southwest Chocolate & Coffee Fest - April
Dallas, TX - Dallas Chocolate Festival - September
Bellevue, WA - Northwest Chocolate Festival - October

Craft Chocolate Festivals in Origin Countries

If you're planning to travel to a nation that grows cacao, here's your chance to plan your schedule around an abundance of local chocolate and cacao-based products. Listed alphabetically by country. 

Bangalore, India - Indian Cacao & Craft Chocolate Festival - November