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Trinidad 70% Dark Chocolate

Origin: Trinidad and Tobago

Best Sellers: 70% Dark Chocolate

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Bar Types: Dark

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Retail Price From: $15.00 USD

About Übergreen Foods

Meet Tobias and René

Original Trinitario cocoa is indeed a precious asset, and its preservation and attention are paramount. René and Tobias's founding of Übergreen stems from a shared passion to safeguard this former fine cocoa giant in the Caribbean. Alongside local farmers and team members, they have dedicated themselves to fortifying the entire cocoa value chain and revolutionizing its operations compared to decades past.

A significant aspect of this mission includes actively involving farmers in value-added products. By showcasing to farmers the end products derived from their beans, Übergreen ensures they understand the true value of their contribution. This not only fosters a deeper appreciation for their work but also contributes to creating more value within Trinidad and Tobago itself.

Through such initiatives, Übergreen not only preserves the legacy of Original Trinitario cocoa but also empowers local communities and strengthens the region's cocoa industry. This commitment to sustainability and empowerment is at the heart of Übergreen's ethos, and it reflects our dedication to creating positive change in the cocoa sector.

Why We Love Them


Übergreen Chocolate is made in partnership with the world renowned University of West Indies Cocoa Research Centre's Fine Cocoa Innovation Center (IFCIC) - leading the way to a world class chocolate flavor.


Directly sourced, organic cacao from sustainable, small scale local farms on Trinidad – the birthplace of Trinitario cacao.


In collaboration with Orijin, Übergreen developed a bespoke traceability solution for Trinidad and Tobago cocoa; allowing consumers to see the entire journey from tree-to-bar.

Useful Details

Company Ownership

  • Owner Operated

Steps Between Farm and You

Übergreen sources Trinitario cacao directly from small organic farms in Trinidad. CBD oils are from Ojai Energetics in California. Chocolates are created in their factory at The University of the West Indies Cocoa Research Centre in Mt. Hope, Trinidad. Then shipped to either their distributor, J2NY in New Jersey, or to The Chocolate House DC for delivery to your door.

Ships from USA

Orders ship within 1-3 business days, Monday - Friday from New Jersey (wholesale) or Washington, DC (direct-to-consumer).

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