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Pridi Cacaofevier, Thailand


Business Ownership

Why We Love Pridi Cacaofevier, Thailand

Bean-to-Bar Excellence

Pridi Cacaofevier is meticulously involved with their partners at every step of the chocolate-making process, from farming and fermentation to selecting and roasting the finest Thai cocoa beans, to crafting the finished bars or confections. This sets their quality and flavor apart from others who don't work intimately with partners at every stage of the production process.

Sustainable & Ethical Sourcing

Pridi Cacaofevier prioritizes ethical, sustainable, and traceable practices throughout its supply chain - well beyond cocoa. For every ingredient, Pridi ensures traceability to the farm level for fair compensation, environmental responsibility, and origins customers can trust.

Thai Cacao, Modern Creativity

Pridi Cacaofevier elevates Thai cocoa beans into a modern, buzzing world of flavor. Inspired by the vibrant energy of Bangkok, they create unique and innovative chocolate experiences, with flavors like fish sauce or smoked hill-tribe chili, that capture the essence of contemporary Thailand.

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Pridi Cacaofevier, Thailand

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