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Nicaragua Dark & White Chocolate Bars

Origin: Nicaragua

Best Sellers: "Cocibolca", Banana, Cinnamon and Clove, and Passion Fruit

Features Available


Bar Types: Dark, White, and Inclusions

Inclusion Types: Nuts, Fruit, Spices, and Nibs

Retail Price From: $11.00 USD

About Argencove Chocolate

Meet Sally

As a group of friends fascinated with great food, they became very curious about luxury chocolate several years ago - driving them to learn what makes great chocolate. This led to 3 Australian families to embark on a journey of taste that evolved into a Central American odyssey.

They studied, traveled, examined, queried, tested, tasted and chose an agroforestry system from tree to bar to grow cacao and make chocolate. After visiting 20 countries they made Nicaragua our new home due to the fertility of the country and climate and the welcoming local people.

They are driven to develop world-class taste to achieve culinary pleasure. They accomplish this by investigating what influences great taste in chocolate and adopting their ideas in both orchard and factory.

Why We Love Them


Argencove selected the country and then a new farm to develop a fine cacao and fine chocolate project.


Argencove took a scientific approach to designing their cacao orchard. They planted different genetics and run flavor trials to create the best possible chocolate flavors.


Aregencover has a focus on Nicaraguan cacao and promoting Nicaragua as a country with fine cacao for making award-winning chocolate.

Useful Details

Company Ownership

  • Owner Operated
  • Farmer-Owned

Steps Between Farm and You

The majority of their cacao is grown on their orchard on Finca Rio Grande, where they conduct all fermentation and drying. Their chocolate is handcrafted in their Factory Store in Granada. It is then exported to their business partner in Virginia for distribution across the US.

Ships from USA

Orders ship within 3-4 business days, Monday - Thursday from Virginia.

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