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Mexico Dark & Milk Chocolate Bars

Origin: Mexico

Best Sellers: 70% Cacao Tuzantán, Chiapas, 82% Cacao Criollo Pichucalco, Chiapas, and 60% Cacao with Milk Arroyo Alcocer, Chiapas

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Bar Types: Dark and Dark Milk

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Retail Price From: $12.00 USD

About Kakoa

Meet Maria

Maria has loved chocolate since she was a little girl. She remembers saying that she wanted to have her own chocolate factory when she grew up. In 2018, she discovered the bean-to-bar chocolate world and started making her own chocolate as a hobby. About a year and a half later, she decided she wanted to give it a real try; so she quit her job and started Kakoa.

The first couple of years were more about learning: trial and error to perfect her chocolate recipes. Now Kakoa has 4 single origin dark chocolate bars and 1 single origin dark milk chocolate bar. All of them are made with different cacao types from different regions in Chiapas and Tabasco in Southeastern Mexico.

Why We Love Them


Kakoa uses high-quality cacao beans and carefully crafts every step of the chocolate-making process. Every flavor identified in their chocolates comes directly from cacao beans.


Kakoa works directly with farmers, paying around 3x more than "fair trade" market prices for cacao. With this, farmers have a good life and work quality while Kakoa is guaranteed the best possible cacao beans.


Kakoa believes in cacao's natural diversity of flavors which depends on where it is grown, the weather, and the trees around it. These factors make every batch of cacao unique. Kakoa keeps its ingredients list ultra-short to highlight cacao's flavors and avoids using additives, flavoring, or preservatives.

Useful Details

Company Ownership

  • Woman-Owned
  • Owner Operated
  • Family-Owned
  • Latinx-Owned

Steps Between Farm and You

Kakoa pays above "fair trade" market prices directly to individual farmers in Chiapas or Tabasco. Chocolate is created in small batches from bean-to-bar in Mexico City and shipped to retailers or directly to you!

Ships from Origin

Orders ship from Mexico City. Lead time depends on the order quantity and destination.

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