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Madagascar Dark Chocolate

Origin: Madagascar

Best Sellers: Almond & Coconut (65%), Coconut (65%), 75% Dark Chocolate

Features Available


Bar Types: Dark, 100% Dark, and Inclusions

Inclusion Types: Nuts, Fruit, Spices, Nibs, Salt, and Coffee

Retail Price From: $9.99 USD

About MIA

Meet Sarah and Brett

Seven years living in Africa created a passion for the people and continent and inspired co-founders Brett Beach and Sarah Lescrauwaet to create MIA, a platform to create positive impact through food.

Africa produces 70% of the world’s cocoa, but less than 1% of finished chocolate. This injustice inspired them to make each and every value-added MIA product in Africa, from start to finish.

What started as an idea is now a cause that is shared by friends, family and customers around the world: to make delicious chocolate that improves lives in Africa.

Why We Love Them


MIA aspires to work with thousands of artisans in communities throughout the African continent to offer consumers a wide range of delicious foods that build on fair trade to set a new standard: ‘FAIRMADE.'


MIA dedicates 1% of all sales to development projects in Africa to help protect a local endangered species, create a healthier environment or improve a community’s livelihoods.


Each bar of chocolate they make creates much more impact than the export of raw cocoa. This value-added impact is shared by a network of supply partners in Ghana and Madagascar: cocoa, cashew and sugar cane farmers, box and chocolate makers, transporters and other service providers.

Useful Details

Company Ownership

  • Owner Operated

Steps Between Farm and You

MIA purchases from family farmers in Madagascar or ABOCFA cooperative in Ghana. Bean-to-bar chocolate is made in the respective countries of origin. It's shipped to Worldwide Chocolate in the US to ship to you.

Ships from USA

Products ship within 1-3 business days, Monday - Friday from Brentwood, NH.

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