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Jamaican Vegan Chocolate Bars

Origin: Jamaica

Best Sellers: St Thomas 71%, Blue Mountain Coffee, and Sorrel White Chocolate

Features Available


Bar Types: Dark, White, and Inclusions

Inclusion Types: Flowers, Nuts, and Spices

Retail Price From: $10.00 USD

About One One Cacao

Meet Nick

Nick was part of the Great British coffee boom of the 90’s working in one of the first independent coffee roasters in the North of England. He combined being a barista and student. After graduating from Leeds University he taught English in Spain, falling in love with the culture and the Spanish attitude towards food.

He returned to the UK and became a journalist and foreign Correspondent with the BBC. His final posting was in Jamaica, the country his parents had left over 40 years before. The food was his entry point into an island he thought he knew but surprised him on a daily basis.

Kingston is now his home. He decided to start making his own chocolate after developing a life threatening food allergy. “Sulphites are in almost everything and are seen as key to modern food production, but I like to keep things clean and as natural as possible, it not only keeps me alive but it tastes fantastic too". One One Cacao operates out of a waterside chocolate lab on Jamaica's north coast.

Why We Love Them


Nick's chocolate-making career started after developing a life threatening food allergy. For this reason, One One's ingredients list is always short, naturally-tasty, and fine-flavoured.


One One hunts out exceptional cacao from heirloom Jamaican trees and combines it with Caribbean super foods like coconut, turmeric, soursop, sorrel, cashew, Jamaican sea salt, naseberry, vanilla pods, cinnamon, and nutmeg for their incredible bars.


One One sources from farmers direct, both big and small, to get really well-fermented, high quality beans. In recent years, they've begun fermenting and drying the beans themselves because good beans coming in means great chocolate coming out the other side.

Useful Details

Company Ownership

  • Owner Operated
  • BIPOC-owned

Steps Between Farm and You

One One sources directly from farmers across the island of Jamaica. Chocolate is made by Nick at the "Cookshop" in Kingston and then shipped directly to you.

Ships from Origin

Orders ship within 3-5 business days directly from Jamaica.

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