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India Vegan Chocolate Bars

Origin: India

Best Sellers: A Rose in Pistachio Skies- 55% dark chocolate, The Mango Menace- 55% Dark Chocolate, and Lost in an Orange Haze- 64% Dark chocolate

Features Available


Bar Types: Dark, Inclusions, and Dark Milk

Inclusion Types: Nuts, Fruit, Spices, Flowers, and Coffee

Retail Price From: $8.00 USD

About Bon Fiction

Meet Akhil and Prathina

Akhil and Prathina Grandhi, the dedicated minds behind Bon Fiction, have always aimed to unlock the potential of the Indian agro-industry, starting with their family's cacao plantations. Driven by their deep love for Indian cacao beans and a desire to showcase that superior chocolate can be produced locally, they embarked on a journey to master the art of chocolate making.

Akhil's mechanical engineering degree and experience in Uganda's plantation business, combined with Prathina's background in electronics and communication engineering, her MBA, and chocolate tasting certification, brought a unique blend of skills to the company.

Growing up amidst the plantations of Rajahmundry, their curiosity about the absence of world-class Indian chocolate led them to create 14 unique flavors after three years and 300 trial batches, each catering to health-conscious consumers. They prioritize ethical practices, ensuring fair treatment of everyone involved in the cacao-to-chocolate process.

Bon Fiction is committed to supporting its farming community and is excited for the world to savor the marvel of Indian-made chocolates as they believe their story has only just begun.

Why We Love Them

Never Bitter

Bon Fiction meticulously manages flavor from pod to bar to reduce acidity and bitterness at each step. The result is a full-flavored, silky smooth dark chocolate from India’s iconic Godavari region.

Whimsical Flavors

Bon Fiction is meticulously serious about chocolate and wonderfully whimsical with flavor - imaginative names, inspired illustrations, and incredible flavors invites you into a uniquely Indian story.

100% Natural

There is nothing fictional about Bon Fiction’s ingredients. 100% pure and natural with short ingredients lists. NO artificial flavors, preservatives, palm oil, soy, gluten, or GMO ingredients.

Useful Details

Company Ownership

  • Owner Operated
  • Farmer-Owned

Steps Between Farm and You

Bon Fiction farms its own cacao and purchases cacao pods directly from neighboring farmers at above fair trade prices. They ferment and dry cacao at their estate and make chocolate in their nearby factory in Rajamahendravaram in the Godavari region of Andhra Pradesh. A now California-based partner-farmer from Godavari ships from Folsom, CA.

Ships from USA

Products ship within 1-2 business days, Monday - Friday from Folsom, CA.

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