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Ecuadorian Chocolate-Covered Snacks - Vegan

Best Sellers: Chocolate Covered Golden Berries and Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

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Chocolate Types: Dark

Inclusion Types: Coffee, Fruit, and Nibs

Retail Price From: $13.95 USD

About Conexión Chocolate

Meet Jenny

After years of working in the chocolate industry in the United States, Jenny Samaniego realized her place in the industry was supporting the cacao farmers in her home country of Ecuador. The country produces some of the best cacao in the world, and yet Ecuadorian cacao farmers were unable to find a market for their cacao abroad. In her heart, Jenny knew she needed to be their conexión.

In 2011, Jenny began working shoulder-to-shoulder with small-scale cacao producers in Ecuador, helping sell their cacao abroad. A few years later, she started making her own couvertures with a commitment to sustainability, traceability, and transparency.

In 2017, Conexión Chocolate’s first chocolate bars rolled into the market and by the end of 2021, they had won 33 national and international awards.

Conexión Chocolate boasts an award-winning catalog of chocolate bars and offers professional-grade lines of signature artisan chocolate couvertures, reaching the hands of well-known chocolatiers and experts in the industry around the world, elevating their creations and their customer experiences.

Why We Love Them


Made purely from Ecuadorian Arriba Nacional cacao, Conexión offers a complete line of award-winning, chef-grade quality ingredients in pack sizes perfect for the home chef.

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Conexión empowers small family farms by making a direct link between farmers and end consumers around the world. Moreover, they add value to the local economy by keeping our chocolate production in the country of origin.

Useful Details

Company Ownership

  • Woman-Owned
  • Owner Operated

Steps Between Farm and You

Conexión purchases cacao directly from one of five cocoa farmer cooperatives across Ecuador. Their chocolate is created in Quito and shipped to their warehouse in Traverse City, Michigan to ship directly to your door.

Ships from USA

Orders ship within 1-2 business days, Monday-Thursday from Traverse City, Michigan.

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