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Ecuador Cognitive Chocolate

Origin: Ecuador

Best Sellers: Serenity - Relaxing, Intensity - Energizing, Intimacy - Bar of Love, and Trilogy - Bar of Happiness

Features Available


Bar Types: Dark, Dark Milk, and White

Inclusion Types: Nibs, Nuts, Fruit, Salt, Spices, Coffee, and Flowers

Retail Price From: $14.95 USD

About Awki

Meet Nathalia and Aziz

Nathalia is the founder of Awki, the brain and talented hands behind creating these unique chocolate gems made with pure fine aroma cacao. She has learned her craft along with Papácacao (Jaime Freire) and Mamacacao (Paulina Pino), two of the most expert cacao and chocolate makers in South America, with 30 years of experience unleashing the powerful secrets of this incredible superfood we all love!

Nathalia has considered herself a compulsive chocolate lover since she was 2 years old. Fun fact, she didn't even try another flavor of ice cream until she was 25 years old! She is an environmental engineer with three Master's degrees (she loves to study) and she left her passion to drive and guide her destiny.

Aziz is from Saudi Arabia and came to Ecuador several years ago looking to start a new life with his children. He was lucky enough to meet great people who introduced him to Cacao and Real Chocolate. Then looking for business opportunities between Saudi Arabia and Ecuador, Aziz met PAPÁCACAO, MAMÁCACAO, and AWKI. Finally, he fell in love and decided to be part of this great adventure. Now he is an empirical professional Chocolate Maker. It is like making magic and every time Cacao keeps surprising him more and more. If you want to be happy every day, make Real Chocolate a part of your life.

Their journey began in 2018 under the very nerdy name, "the chocolate initiative." With hard work, the team developed recipes based on neuroscience concepts, ancestral knowledge, and nutrition, resulting in cognitive chocolate packed in ecological packaging. At the same time, the #mujeresencacao (women in cacao) and mental health initiatives were born in the communities where their cacao comes from in Puerto Quito inside the Chocó Andino Region.

Why We Love Them


Awki redefines indulgence with gourmet food made solely from natural ingredients under the neuroscience concept of multisensory stimulus. Their approach is supported by principles of neuroscience, nutrition, and ancestral knowledge, leading not only to a delicious sensory experience but also tangible benefits for the body and mind.


Awki's focus revolves around four main pillars: empowering women in cocoa production (both economically and through mental health programs), providing employment opportunities for marginalized groups, safeguarding consumer health, and caring for the environment through eco-friendly packaging and processes.


Awki's recipes undergo extensive research and innovation, drawing from ancestral wisdom to achieve various purposes such as energizing, relaxing, and naturally acting as antidepressants. They incorporate superfoods into all recipes to ensure high nutritional value, resulting in a delicious and healthy product.

Useful Details

Company Ownership

  • Latinx-Owned
  • Owner Operated
  • Woman-Owned

Steps Between Farm and You

Awki pays above fair trade prices directly to farmers via a cacao farmer's association. Products are created in a mini factory in Quito and ship from the company's fulfillment partner in California.

Ships from USA

Orders ship within 1-2 business days from California, Monday - Friday.

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