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Brazilian Tree-to-Bar Chocolate - Vale Potumujú

Origin: Brazil

Best Sellers: Passion Fruit Crunch 65% Special Blend Dark 88% Caipirinha Dark 65%

Features Available


Bar Types: Dark, Milk, Dark Milk, Inclusions, and White

Inclusion Types: Nibs, Coffee, Spices, and Fruit

Retail Price From: $10.00 USD

About Baianí Chocolates

Meet Tuta & Juliana

Baianí chocolate bars carry the tradition of the Pinheiro and Aquino families, both part of the cacao farming tradition in Bahia since the end of the 19th Century. Owned by the Pinheiro family since 1973, Santa Rita farm, is where Vale Potumujú is located.

Both born in Bahia with a talent and acting as professionals in music, the story of their married life together began when Juliana joined Tuta Aquino in New York where he ran his own recording studio, and eventually they, worked together to release 2 full Bossa Nova albums for Juliana. Upon returning to Brazil, Juliana pursued a gastronomy degree while Tuta continued pursuing his own music carreer and production company, Doremix. During Juliana’s education, the couple began to relive precious childhood memories of cacao harvesting and processing. They decided to revitalize Juliana’s father’s farm, Fazenda Santa Rita-Vale Potumuju, which had been severely affected by the Witch’s Broom disease outbreak from suspected bioterrorism in the early 1990’s.

With their eyes on the specialty cacao market, Juliana started quality testing Tuta’s post-harvest protocols by making small batches of bean-to-bar chocolate. After two years in development, their chocolate caught the attention of experts and they decided to commercially launch Baiani Chocolates in 2018. Each year since, Baiani has won top awards in competitions spanning the globe.

Why We Love Them


Baiani's cacao farm, Vale Potumuju, is located in the municipality of Arataca in the middle of Bahia’s Atlantic Forest. The region holds one of the richest and most diverse biomes of flora and fauna in the world. Using a Brazilian Agroforestry system called “Cabruca,” Baiani is an active guardian of this natural wealth.


With a commitment to social and envionmental sustainability, Baiani's carefully crafted chocolate features a symphony of impeccable flavors and textures that can only be maximized with intimate knowledge of the interplay between each step of the process from farming and post-harvest to finished bar.


Since its launch in 2018, Baiani chocolates have been consistently recognized internationally; winning awards from the Academy of Chocolate Awards in London, the Northwest Chocolate Festival in Seattle, the Bean to Bar Brazil Award and also the International Chocolate Awards Americas.

Useful Details

Company Ownership

  • Woman-Owned
  • Owner Operated
  • Farmer-Owned

Steps Between Farm and You

Baiani harvests cacao from its own farm, Vale Potumujú in Bahia, Brazil. Their chocolate is handcrafted in their Factory Store in Sao Paulo. It is then exported to Bar & Cocoa in Denver, CO for delivery to your door.

Ships from USA

Orders ship within 1-3 business days from Denver, Colorado.

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