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Belú Cacao, El Salvador

El Salvador

Business Ownership

Why We Love Belú Cacao, El Salvador


Belú trades directly with cacao farmers participating in Alianza Cacao's Blue Harvest Initiative for environmentally sustainable farm management and fair trade pricing. Their farming partners commit to caring for natural resources and water conservation to restore landscape and soil health for a positive environmental impact.


Belú is the first women-led bean-to-bar chocolate maker in El Salvador. Emily leads a small, all-women production team creating jobs that provide income to single mothers who live under very difficult circumstances. Read more on our blog.


Belú proudly makes chocolate that has been recognized internationally in awards competitions for five consecutive years, such as: AVPA (Gourmet Products in Paris), Academy of Chocolate (London), International Chocolate Awards (London) and Chocolate Alliance (Seattle).

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Belú Cacao, El Salvador

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