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Awki, Ecuador


Business Ownership

Why We Love Awki, Ecuador


Awki redefines indulgence with gourmet food made solely from natural ingredients under the neuroscience concept of multisensory stimulus. Their approach is supported by principles of neuroscience, nutrition, and ancestral knowledge, leading not only to a delicious sensory experience but also tangible benefits for the body and mind.


Awki's focus revolves around four main pillars: empowering women in cocoa production (both economically and through mental health programs), providing employment opportunities for marginalized groups, safeguarding consumer health, and caring for the environment through eco-friendly packaging and processes.


Awki's recipes undergo extensive research and innovation, drawing from ancestral wisdom to achieve various purposes such as energizing, relaxing, and naturally acting as antidepressants. They incorporate superfoods into all recipes to ensure high nutritional value, resulting in a delicious and healthy product.

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