Project: Cacao-based Products for Export

Training Women on Producing Cacao-Based Products for Export


Train growing communities to manufacture cacao-based products for export.


  • Increases Income: 3-5x more income from cacao than fair trade premiums alone. Plus profit sharing in the case of some buying partners.
  • Empowers Women: providing comprehensive training in food entrepreneurship. Based on typical divisions of labor between men and women, this training equips women to lead value-added activities in their local community.
  • Expands Global Reach: once workers learn how to create finished products that meet all requirements for export, it is much easier to diversify their product portfolio and respond to global demand.
Cacao-based finished products for export to global markets


Exporting finished product offers tremendous sales opportunities by creating access to larger populations of customers and premium market segments.

Exporting also introduces greater complexity from convoluted foreign food regulations that are difficult to understand regardless of language proficiency.

We translate the tools and resources farming community organizations need to sell to consumers around the world.   


Coagricsal - La Entrada de Copan, Honduras