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Profit Sharing

Profit Sharing

A small percentage of retail revenue can make a significant impact to farmer income. Askinosie Chocolate is a model for its commitment to profit sharing with direct trade partners. 

As of March 2023, Askinosie Chocolate has shared approximately 1% of gross chocolate sales. This results in:

  • ~10% more income for their cocoa farming partners. On top of exceeding...
  • Fair Trade by 35%, and
  • the World Market by 45%.

You can read more about Askinosie's impact here

In this video, Shawn shares about how Askinosie's commitment to profit sharing also leads to helping farmers open bank accounts, receive funds and become exporters of their cocoa beans. 

Why Support Chocolate Makers who Profit Share?

Profit sharing results in:
  • More income for cocoa farmers
  • A much closer working relationship between cocoa farmers and makers which also almost always means better chocolate quality too. 
  • A fairer distribution of profit across the people involved in making chocolate. 

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Are you a Chocolate Maker Interested in Profit Sharing?

A fairer distribution of profits is far simpler than international joint ventures or establishing a multinational corporation! Shawn addresses a few logistical hurdles in this video and is happy to answer questions. Please reach out to him via or contact us for an introduction.

Likewise, Good King Snacking Cacao has shared profits for several years with women partners who were unable to receive direct wire transfers from overseas. We're happy to share practical tips for ensuring profits reach the intended recipients. 

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