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Project: Origin Made Marketplace

Project: Origin Made Marketplace


Increase visibility of Origin Makers and connect them directly to their own end customers, retailers, and distributors in the United States.


  • Increases Income: 3-5x more income from cacao than fair trade premiums vs. selling agricultural cacao alone.
  • Accelerates Growth: Improves visibility in a one-stop, easy-to-filter and sort online directory.
  • Supportive Environment: As makers onboard, we assist them in tailoring their communication to US consumers, navigating FDA compliance and liability insurance, and overcoming unique hurdles unique to building a small food business in the US.


Many makers in cacao-farming countries have mastered the art of making incredible products and marketing and selling in their countries of origin. Even so, entering a new market like the US means starting from scratch in name recognition and building a customer base. This can put them at a tremendous disadvantage versus domestic competition.  

We work with origin makers to bring greater visibility to their products in the US market while providing the resources and advice to ensure they can hit the ground running in the US market. 


Our list is constantly growing! Please visit our Discover Origin Made Products Page to learn more.